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Asia’s nexus for supply chain excellence
Supply Chain City was officially launched by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 22 September 2017. As Asia’s nexus for supply chain excellence, Supply Chain City is strategically located in the Jurong Innovation District which will be home to Singapore’s key growth areas, including advanced manufacturing, robotics, urban solutions, cleantech and smart logistics.

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Gracing the Opening of Supply Chain City

With the aim of growing and transforming Singapore’s economy, driving
connectivity with the rest of the world while developing deep skills and
strengthening capabilities of local enterprises. It also echoes the key
recommendations of the Logistics Industry Transformation Map, to catalyse
enterprise-level transformation through productivity and innovation.

Designed for Supply Chain
Innovation & Productivity

Designed for scalability and operations around the clock 24-7 for 365 days. SCC is a paragon for innovation and productivity in the the supply chain and logistics industry.

World’s first patented FUSIONARIS
Patented system is a FUSION of Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) and Ramp up Integrated Solution.
Largest and tallest 50m ASRS in the region
Features a 50-metre ASRS occupying 110,000sqft of land to move 66,624 pallets.
New technologies and advanced robotics
Adopted many high-tech logistics solutions to drastically improve our efficiency and productivity.

WHY CHOOse supply chain city?

Raising the bar for the industry across Asia-Pacific

Leveraging decades of experience, Supply Chain City Singapore was designed as the first of a larger network, envisioned to contribute to regional connectivity and benefit from its rapid growth.

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WHY CHOOse supply chain city?

We Adopt “Work, Learn, Live” philosophy

Adopting a ‘Work, Learn, Live’ philosophy, Supply Chain City offers a seamless mix of community and work spaces, creating a microcosm of knowledge creation and sharing that will take the supply chain and industry to the next level.