Fusionaris is a state-of-the-art patented solution. It epitomises the harmony of human and robotic supply chain activities orchestrated by YCH’s proprietary technologies. The ASRS, which stands at 50 metres, is the largest and tallest ASRS in Asia.


Standing at 50 metres high and integrated into five floors of a ramp-up distribution centre (total of 800,000 sqft), with a total of 120 loading bays, the ASRS is an architectural feat that optimises land use and accommodates an enormous volume within a land area of 111,5000 square feet, which would otherwise require a space at least eight times larger.
Designed for scalability and operations around the
clock, 24-7 for 365 days
Total throughput of 450 pallets per hour, reducing
retrieval of pallet from 3.5 mins to 10 secs

The AGV complements the FusionARIS robotic solution by moving goods to and from the ASRS conveyors. The robotic truck performs repetitive, low value-added material handling tasks reliably and independently, freeing up the operations team for higher value-adding work. This driverless vehicle also makes a distribution centre operable with maximum availability.
Lost inventory costs companies billions every year but our autonomous flying drones are a solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
While an inventory count in a single aisle usually takes two staff an entire day to count, the process has been cut down to a mere 15 minutes with the use of technology.
The drones can navigate the insides of a warehouse environment without direct human oversight and are able to count with high accuracy. Information gathered via scan is uploaded and cross-referenced with YCH’s inventory software instantaneously for further checks.

Interested to know more about the modern technologies in Supply Chain City?
Interested to know more about the modern technologies in Supply Chain City?